Please join us in the virtual world of Second Life®.

Celebrating a major product announcement
on Unisys ClearPath solutions.


No need for expensive travel. Instead, transport yourself virtually to an Alpine Executive Center. Interact with your peers and Unisys experts. Assume a new identity. Ride hot air balloons. Skate with mainframes on the pond. Cavort in a world where the adventure is virtual and the news of one of the most important announcements in the distinguished history of Unisys ClearPath servers is real.

A virtual event celebrating a major product announcement on Unisys ClearPath mainframes.

A 24-hour event. Enter anytime after
9 p.m. US Eastern time May 25, 2009
(1 a.m. GMT May 26)
for exclusive launch day only activities and product announcements.


Skating Server

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