Proactive, Adaptive End-User Support

Balancing the vastly different support requirements, technology needs, and work styles of your diverse end-user community can add layers of complexity to your IT support environment and come at a hefty cost. Unisys understands that, when it comes to supporting three generations of end users, "one-size-fits-all" support may not be such a good fit, particularly if you're trying to optimize performance, productivity, and your IT investment.

We can help you boost end-user productivity through a customizable blend of technology choice, service, and support spanning from PC to mobility to communications technologies and devices. Unisys End-User Productivity Services enable reliable anytime, anywhere, any device access to the applications and data your end users need to get the job done. We leverage proven processes, rules-based workflows, advanced tools, and best practices for "last mile" services and on-site support. And, we support a continuum of service evolution, including virtualized desktop services and digital allowances.

Unisys End-User Productivity Services feature:

  • Support for the latest desktop operating systems, management tools, and virtualization technologies
  • Advanced desktop management services, including image management, electronic software distribution, and application packaging
  • Device diagnostic and remediation tools
  • Self-service portals enabling end users to select, procure, and support their own technology, or contact the service desk
  • Cloud-based messaging, collaboration, desktop support, and application management solutions
  • Hosted desktop via Secure Cloud with centralized control and management