EAE Customers Speak Out: How the West Virginia State Auditor's Office uses Enterprise Output Manager to improve self-service.
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EAE Customers Speak Out: How the West Virginia State Auditor's Office uses Enterprise Output Manager to improve self-service.
We recently spoke with the IT team at the West Virginia State Auditor's Office to find out how they're using Enterprise Output Manager as part of their EAE environment to streamline the reporting process, reduce costs, and increase user satisfaction through self-service. Get all the details in this Q&A article. Read More


How To: Enterprise Output Manager
Enterprise Output Manager can enhance any EAE application environment. Alan Hood and Steve Diederichs discuss the many ways you can use this valuable tool to increase productivity and streamline existing processes. Read More


Product News
Get the latest updates on a variety of topics, including:

  • Host Database Access (HDBA) for MCP Change
  • Making HDBA Easier to Use
  • Read More


Engineering Corner:  LDL+
With the release of Agile Business Suite, changes are coming for LDL. Find out more in this article by ACUS's own Bert Lancaster. Read More


EAE-related milestones and events from around the world-all in one place!Read More


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