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Issue 48 | January 2019
Innovating Unisys Industry Solutions with Agile Business Suite
Companies around the globe – and across such industries as banking, insurance, the public sector, telecom, and transportation – rely on Agile Business Suite (AB Suite®) to help differentiate their businesses by enabling innovative new capabilities to be developed and brought to market with speed and confidence.
UNITE 2018 Recap: Great EAE and AB Suite Content
UNITE 2018, the annual conference for members of the International Unisys User Association and the broader Unisys user community, took place from September 17th through 19th in Chicago, Illinois.
Engineering Corner: Cloning an AB Suite Model Database
Importing a large Agile Business Suite (AB Suite®) model can be a time-consuming process.
Learning and Connecting at AB Suite User Day
On October 10th, 2018, clients from across Europe gathered at the Unisys Netherlands offices for the annual AB Suite User Day.
Calculating Code Complexity with the MATRIX Tool
The term “cyclomatic complexity” refers to a software metric used to indicate the relative complexity of a given method.
Passion and Collaboration: The Heart of the New AB Suite LinkedIn Community
You asked, and we delivered!
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Issue 47 | October 2018
Enriching the User Experience with Agile Business Suite
By Thangathen Ponnusamy, Global Product Manager – Enterprise Application Environment and Agile Business Suite, Unisys
Recapping the AB Suite 7.0 Beta 4 Test
With the planned 2Q 2019 availability of Agile Business Suite (AB Suite®) Release 7.0 drawing nearer by the day, we’ve been encouraging the AB Suite user community to take part in a number of beta tests.
Engineering Corner: Calling Web Services Using WebAppSupport
By Howard Bell, Architect – EAE/AB Suite MCP Runtime and Debugger, Unisys
Microsoft Azure and VSTS: An Agile Business Suite How-to Preview
By Rob Henrichs, IT Specialist, Unisys
Sharpening Your Skills with AB Suite Education Services
Whether you’re a former EAE user that’s new to the Agile Business Suite (AB Suite®) environment, or a long-time AB Suite expert, one thing is certain: it’s never too early – or too late – to sharpen your skills.
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Issue 46 | December 2017
Information as a Differentiator
By Thangathen Ponnusamy, Global Product Manager – Enterprise Application Environment and Agile Business Suite, Unisys
Notes from the AB Suite 7.0 Beta Test
As we ready Agile Business Suite (AB Suite®) Release 7.0* for its planned 2Q 2019 availability, we had the opportunity to engage several AB Suite users in the first of many planned beta tests. Below are summaries of some of the key capabilities and features covered in the AB Suite 7.0 Beta 1 test.
Engineering Corner: Using Batch Scripts, TFS, and DPM
Agile Business Suite (AB Suite®) Release 6.1 includes built-in support for basic DevOps capabilities using Team Foundation Build (TF Build) for the Windows Runtime.
Insurer Takes Development to the Next Level with TFS Implementation
This is what it looks like when an insurance company is viewed as a leader in its space: A combined portfolio of property, casualty, and life insurance spanning more than 40 states. And representation from well over 2,000 independent agents.
UNITEd Once Again
UNITE 2017, the annual conference for the International Unisys User Association, took place from October 30th through November 1st in Atlanta, Georgia.
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Issue 45 | May 2017
It's All Right Here
The world is moving fast.
Engineering Corner: Unleashing the Power of the AB Suite 6.1 Code Editor
Writing and reading code is part of every Agile Business Suite (AB Suite®) developer’s job. That’s why it’s crucial that you understand how the AB Suite Code Editor can help you write that code in the most efficient way possible. In AB Suite 6.1, we redesigned the Code Editor and fully integrated it with Microsoft® Visual Studio®, providing a number of powerful new features.
AB Suite Application Performance Tuning
It’s never good news to hear one of your applications is experiencing a performance problem. Though you certainly recognize the importance of fixing it, knowing where to start isn’t always easy.
EAE, TFS, and AB Suite: An Upgrade Success Story
Every now and again, a choice you have to make opens up a whole new world of unseen possibilities. That’s precisely the situation one of our clients recently faced.
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Issue 44 | December 2016
New Major Release: AB Suite 6.1
Exciting news: the much-awaited release of Agile Business Suite (AB Suite®) 6.1 has arrived!
My Experiences Beta Testing AB Suite 6.1
After many years working directly with Agile Business Suite (AB Suite®), as well as many related Unisys products and solutions, I jumped at the opportunity to participate in the beta testing for AB Suite 6.1.
EAE to AB Suite Upgrade: Where to Next?
Choosing to upgrade from EAE to Agile Business Suite (AB Suite®) opens you up to a whole new world of opportunities and possibilities.
Another Great Year at UNITE
The 2016 conference for UNITE, the International Unisys User Association, was held from Oct 10th through 12th in Cleveland, Ohio. As with every UNITE conference, it was a great opportunity to learn about all the recent happenings in the Agile Business Suite (AB Suite®) and ClearPath Forward™ worlds, reconnect with old friends, and meet some new faces.
Engineering Corner: New DMSII Enhancements in AB Suite 6.1
Agile Business Suite (AB Suite®) 6.1 includes a number of updates and enhancements to the DMSII database. Among them are new capabilities that help to minimize database reorganizations, add flexibility and scalability to the reorganization process, and increase the database’s overall scalability and flexibility.
New Executive Brief Shows You how to Capitalize on Change, Instead of Reacting to It
They’re the game changers companies bank on to disrupt established business models and gain a competitive foothold in a crowded, dynamic marketplace.
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Issue 43 | June 2016
AB Suite and DevOps: Accelerate Time to Market to Seize New Opportunities
Enterprises must innovate and quickly bring new ideas to market. They need to, after all, if they want to meet rapidly changing customer demands.
Q&A: Modernizing EAE Applications with Pasco-Hernando State College
Pasco-Hernando State College (PHSC) is a four-year institution and one of the 28 members of the Florida College System.
Engineering Corner: Getting the Right Elements Versioned with the Set Version Files Wizard
More and more clients are taking advantage of – and benefitting from – the opportunity to use Microsoft® Team Foundation Server (TFS) as an Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and source control tool in their Agile Business Suite (AB Suite®) environments.
AB Suite Client Completes Upgrade to ClearPath Forward Libra System
A bank in Asia and longtime EAE and Agile Business Suite (AB Suite®) client needed to ensure its products and services delivered the experience and security today’s consumers demand.
EAE to AB Suite Upgrade: Take it One Step at a Time
In the March 2016 issue of Developing Agility, we focused on the two preliminary steps you should take to help ensure your EAE to Agile Business Suite (AB Suite®) upgrade progresses as smoothly as possible.
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Issue 42 | March 2016
Is Your AB Suite Application Ready for Generations Y and Z?
In just a few short years, application modernization has changed from a capability that was simply nice to have into a truly business-critical imperative.
Taking the Next Step with AB Suite 5.0 and ClearPath ePortal
Since our inception in 1937, United Fire Group (UFG) has remained sharply focused on serving the best interests of our customers and the communities in which they live.
Q&A: Isle of Man Government on the Latest AB Suite Innovations
A self-governing British Crown Dependency, the Isle of Man sits in the Irish Sea between Great Britain and Ireland. Thirty-three miles long and 13 miles wide at its broadest point, the island is home to a population of around 90,000 individuals.
Engineering Corner: The Improved Stability of Windows RATL Server
Microsoft® Windows® RATL Socket is the primary interface server process used by most Agile Business Suite (AB Suite™) on Windows clients in production. Windows RATL Socket is mature, stable, and has demonstrated its ability to handle a large number of transactions.
EAE to AB Suite Migration: On Your Mark, Get Set…
There are a number of compelling reasons why Enterprise Application Environment (EAE) clients should consider migrating to Agile Business Suite (AB Suite™). And with just as many client stories detailing the benefits new AB Suite users routinely enjoy, you might be feeling eager to make the move yourself.
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Issue 41 | December 2015
Application Development: It's All About Communication
It’s a software-driven world, one where we rely on a sea of apps to manage, coordinate, and support nearly every aspect of our lives.
Pushing ClearPath – and AB Suite – Forward
Welcome to the era of ClearPath Forward™.

In a move designed to unite the best of two worlds into one, ClearPath Forward blends established ClearPath® strengths and new innovations with the engineering ingenuity behind the Forward! by Unisys™ enterprise computing platform.
Q&A: Job Service North Dakota on EAE and Microsoft Team Foundation Server
We ended engineering-level support for the legacy, UREP-based EAE version control software on June 30, 2015. In place of the tool, we’re offering an MSSCCI API interface to Microsoft® Team Foundation Server (TFS) to support version control activities in the EAE environment.
Using the Client Framework to Develop Lightweight Front Ends
The Agile Business Suite (AB Suite™) Client Framework creates a number of new possibilities for developing modern front-end applications. Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Microsoft® Model-View-Controller (MVC), and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) are supported out of the box, making it a suitable complement to most modern development practices.
Another Successful Year with AB Suite in Universities Across Latvia
Since 2006, Baltic Technology Group (BTG) has partnered with universities across Latvia to introduce students to the Agile Business Suite (AB Suite™) development environment and give the newest generation of programmers the skills they need to become attractive candidates to today’s businesses.
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Issue 40 | October 2015
Demystifying DevOps
Tired of waiting for weeks to transform a concept into a tangible, production-ready feature, development shops adopted the Agile methodology in order to push back against the slow, drawn-out approaches they followed in years past
Our Journey From EAE to AB Suite 5.0 for ClearPath MCP
Founded in 1965 by a conglomerate of Dutch banks and financial institutions, Stichting Bureau Krediet Registratie (BKR) is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering socially responsible financial practices throughout the Netherlands.
Exploring AB Suite Is Easy – and Free!
Whether they wish to install it at home for training purposes, or use it to build a small test application, more and more EAE developers are looking for a simple way to get their hands on the Agile Business Suite (AB Suite™) software.
Q&A: Achmea and the Agile Business Suite Cross Reference Utility
The Agile Business Suite (AB Suite™) cross reference (XREF) utility is designed help you assess the overall impact a change could have on your environment.
Getting Started with EAE and Microsoft Team Foundation Server
In March 2014, Unisys announced the end of Phase 1 support for the legacy, UREP-based EAE version control software. The termination date for engineering-level support was June 30, 2015.
Important Changes to the Agile Business Suite Engineering Team
The past few months have seen several changes in the Agile Business Suite (AB Suite™) engineering team. As you might know many of the people involved personally, we wanted to share some of these changes with you.
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Issue 39 | July 2015
AB Suite and Fabric-Based ClearPath Systems: A Strong Combination
When two leading innovations come together, it’s an unbeatable combination. And that’s what you get when you unite Agile Business Suite (AB Suite) and the ClearPath® fabric-based infrastructure.
Calling Web Services from the ClearPath MCP Runtime
In order to minimize the risk of human error and shorten the time required to complete transactions, many businesses have decided to increase the number of in-house and business-to-businesses (B2B) channels implemented between IT applications. Usually, some form of SOA-enabling technology is used to provide the integration, with Web Services being the most popular SOA implementation method.
Engineering Corner: Agile Business Suite Cross Reference Utility
Many of our clients have developed very large, complex systems in Agile Business Suite – applications they are continually evolving and enhancing to address new requirements and incorporate new features. The AB Suite development environment has excellent searching options, but even with these capabilities, it can sometimes be difficult to assess the overall impact of such changes.
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New additions to our libraries of How To documents, white papers, and other useful information include:
Demonstration: Migrating AB Suite 5.0 Project Files to the Latest IC Version (New)
How To: Set up Source Control for a Shared Model Database (New)
Issue 38 | April 2015
The Platform for Innovation
Application modernization is not a novel concept. What is new, however, are the factors that have combined to elevate the importance of application modernization to a truly strategic business imperative.
Building a Bright Future with AB Suite
The leading insurance provider in the Netherlands, Achmea provides its customers – nearly half of all Dutch households – with health, life, and non-life insurance. Throughout our history, we have built a strong reputation for helping our customers make better informed decisions about their health, risks, and financial futures.
Keep it Current: The Importance of Staying Up to Date on AB Suite Releases
If you look up the phrase "status quo" in any number of online dictionaries, you'll find that it typically refers to "the existing condition or state of affairs." It's become shorthand for any time we talk about keeping things the way they presently are.
Engineering Corner: Boosting Developer Productivity in AB Suite 5.0
As a developer, when it comes to what keeps me productive, my mantra is quite simple: I want to be able to quickly "get to where I need to be," so that I can "see what I need to see," and "do what I need to do."
Important Update: Changes to EAE Version Control Capabilities
In March 2014, we published a Customer Technical Bulletin (CTB #6716) announcing that Phase 1 support for the UREP-based EAE version control capability will end on June 30, 2015.
AB Suite, Visualized
You'll be seeing this image a number of places. As our new, signature visual representation of Agile Business Suite, it will accompany many of the communications we distribute to the EAE/AB Suite user community throughout the year.
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Issue 37 | December 2014
Major Release: AB Suite 5.0 Is Out!
Great news! Agile Business Suite 5.0 has arrived!
2014 EAE/AB Suite Symposium Recap
The second annual EAE/Agile Business Suite Symposium was held during the 2014 Universe conference in Dallas, Texas, on October 13-15, 2014. Much like the inaugural version of the event, this year’s Symposium was once again dedicated to all things EAE and AB Suite.
AB Suite Gives UVMS Customers a Foundation for the Future
Central to one of the most scalable voicemail platforms on the market today, Unisys Universal Voice Message System (UVMS) boasts a 15-plus year heritage that has culminated in an extremely feature-rich solution that can be supplemented with additional, specialized capabilities as needed. And, it can even be delivered as a managed service, should a Telco provider prefer this model to a traditional implementation.
CSC Analyst Spotlight: John Le Lievre
In June of 1984, John Le Lievre joined Unisys as a member of the Operations Support team. Though he has worn many hats throughout his tenure, John’s focus has always been on support – mainly for the ClearPath® MCP operating environment.
Engineering Corner: Agile Business Suite Client Framework
The evolution of user interfaces (UIs) has reached a point where end users expect a considerable amount from their client applications. In order for client application developers to react to these requirements, they need an environment that integrates with the rich toolsets that are available now, and will be in the future, so they can satisfy the expectations of an increasingly demanding customer base.
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New additions to our libraries of How To documents, white papers, and other useful information include:

  • White Paper: Change Analysis Improvements and Best Practices (Updated)
Issue 36 | September 2014
AB Suite 5.0 Is on its Way!
We are thrilled to announce that the release of Agile Business Suite (AB Suite) 5.0 is right around the corner!
The EAE/AB Suite Symposium Is Almost Here!
You are cordially invited to join us October 13-15, 2014, for the second annual EAE/Agile Business Suite Symposium!
Weaving EAE and AB Suite into the New Fabric-Based ClearPath Systems
The newest ClearPath Libra systems are part of a groundbreaking architectural transformation that uses an innovative, fabric-based infrastructure to extend the inherent strengths of the Intel® based ClearPath environment to new ends.
Engineering Corner: AB Suite Runtime for Windows – Runtime API
The Agile Business Suite Runtime for Windows is administered primarily through the AdminTool MMC interface. While most of the commonly used administration tasks are available from this interface, there are several capabilities that are not part of the console.
Get to Know the Public Model File
There may be times when you have to make the same or similar changes to many objects within your Agile Business Suite application. You could use AB Suite Developer, but there’s another approach that’s much simpler and more programmatic: consider using the Public Model (PModel) file format in the AB Suite Model Export Utility.
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New additions to our libraries of How To documents, white papers, and other useful information include:

  • How To: Extract Version Attributes from Windows Runtime System DLLs (NEW)
  • How To: Configuring Firewalls for Networked AB Suite Windows Runtime (Updated)
  • How To: Use Registry Keys with Windows Runtime (Updated)
Issue 35 | May 2014
Is Your Foundation Good Enough for the Future?
For many years, the business has pressured IT to rapidly modernize the client-facing side of its application portfolio.
ClearPath ePortal Looping Orchestration
This article is the second in a series examining how the ClearPath ePortal can be used to create custom Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services against existing ClearPath systems or Agile Business Suite applications running on a Microsoft® Windows® platform. Last issue we covered the Simple Orchestration feature. Now, let’s move on to looping orchestration.
Baltic Technology Group Introduces AB Suite 4.0 at Universities in Latvia
In 2006, Baltic Technology Group (BTG) and Unisys launched the first ever course aimed at introducing Latvian college students to the model-driven development environment of Agile Business Suite. The University of Latvia, the largest higher-education institution in the country, was chosen for this pilot project.
Engineering Corner: Migrating Application Data with the EAE Data Migration Tool
One of the necessary, and sometimes challenging, tasks inherent in an EAE to Agile Business Suite migration is the transfer of the application data from one environment to the next. The options and choices available to accomplish this task will vary depending on the nature of your migration.
CSC Analyst Spotlight: Hans Habers
Hans Habers joined Unisys in December of 1974, shortly after completing his term in the Dutch Air Force, where he provided maintenance on flight computers. Hans began his tenure with Unisys as a site engineer, then became a disk specialist and member of the Large Systems installation team during the 1980s. The 1990s saw Hans take his first steps into the world of customer support, where his responsibilities shifted to ClearPath MCP platforms and eventually LINC, EAE, and Agile Business Suite.
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Issue 34 | March 2014
UFSS Migrates to AB Suite, Moves to the Cloud
A financial solution that provides unique modules for mortgages, savings, client accounts, lending, and more, Unisys Financial Services System (UFSS) has a well-established track record in the U.K. financial services sector. In fact, roughly 40% of all mortgages in the U.K. are processed using UFSS.
Exciting Changes for EAE Version Control Users
EAE Interim Correction (IC) Release 3.3.3300, made available in September 2013, introduced important changes to Enterprise Application Developer that provide EAE users with a new version control option – one that modernizes the underlying infrastructure in Developer and includes compatibility with third-party version control tools. The new functionality offers an alternative to the existing UREP-based EAE Version Control product, which is supported only on a limited number of older Microsoft® Windows® operating environments.
ClearPath ePortal Simple Orchestration and AB Suite
While ClearPath systems form the cornerstone of your company’s IT infrastructure, in almost all cases, there is an increasing need for these platforms to interact and exchange information with other applications and servers in a programmatic manner. This requires you to operate a complex infrastructure like the one shown in Figure 1, where your ClearPath systems and AB Suite applications need to accept and process service requests from a wide variety of end users and processes. Typically, this is done by implementing some form of a service-oriented architecture (SOA), possibly with an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) routing and sending messages to a variety of back-end systems. Within the ESB environment, messages are typically in XML or JSON formats, and will be passed to an application server via some form of service-based interface.
CSC Analyst Spotlight: Oscar Rico
Oscar Rico started his career with Unisys in October 1998, as part of a team in Colombia supporting the LINC/EAE-based financial application SFB. Oscar had two key goals when he joined the support organization: familiarize himself with Unisys products and improve his English skills.
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New additions to our libraries of How To documents, white papers, and other useful information.
Issue 33 | December 2013
AB Suite 4.0 Is Here!
Agile Business Suite (AB Suite) 4.0 has been released! In the May 2013 issue of Developing Agility, we previewed all of the great things you could expect in AB Suite 4.0, and now the new release is available and ready to take your development efforts to new heights.
EAE/AB Suite Symposium 2013 Summary
Mark your calendars for October 13-15, 2014, and budget for travel to Dallas, Texas. Why? Because Universe 2.0 and the second annual Symposium for Agile Business Suite and EAE customers are already on the calendar. We hope to see all of you there!
AB Suite and Team Foundation Server: A Great Combination
A transparent development process is a critical requirement for a highly productive development team.
Changes to the AB Suite Support Release Process
Along with the new Agile Business Suite 4.0 release, we’ve put an updated support release structure in place with the goal of getting higher-quality Fault resolutions delivered more quickly to all customers – and streamlining engineering processes at the same time.
CSC Analyst Spotlight: Malcolm Priestley
This article is part of a series showcasing the Unisys Customer Support Center (CSC) Analysts who support EAE and Agile Business Suite.
AB Suite 4.0: Developer Productivity Enhancements, Increased Limits, New Runtime Administrative Interfaces
Our goal with each new release of Agile Business Suite is to enhance the development and runtime environments with capabilities that boost developer productivity and make it easier for you to integrate and manage your AB Suite solutions. The 4.0 release has much to offer in all of these areas.
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New additions to our libraries of How To documents, white papers, and other useful information.
Issue 32 | September 2013
How AB Suite Helps TDLR Tick
The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) is the umbrella licensing and regulatory agency for the state of Texas in the USA. We are responsible for the regulation of a wide variety of occupations and industries – everything from boxing and electricians to elevators and auctioneers.
Engineering Corner: Getting to Know AB Suite Build and Change Analysis
The Agile Business Suite Build and Change Analysis function speeds the development and deployment process by creating time-saving partial builds.
Optimizing Your Application Environment with Unisys Services
As I meet with Unisys customers, I’m consistently impressed by the amount of time, energy, and resources they’ve invested in their EAE and Agile Business Suite applications. It shows us just how critically important these applications are to your day-to-day operations, and how much of a differentiator they can be.
CSC Analyst Spotlight: Ed Sharman
Ed Sharman’s first introduction to Unisys technology happened in 1974, when he was working in Chicago as a computer operator on a Burroughs DC 1100 system. In 1982, Ed formally joined Unisys to provide software support for B1000 systems. Two years later, he moved from snowy Chicago to balmy Atlanta to take a position in the CSC organization.
Field Test Report: AB Suite 4.0
The field test for Agile Business Suite 4.0 concluded on July 31, 2013. It provided a great opportunity to see the new release in action and allow customers and Unisys personnel alike to give it a thorough workout.
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Issue 31 | May 2013
AB Suite 4.0 is Coming!
Set to make its debut in the fourth quarter of 2013, Agile Business Suite (AB Suite) release 4.0 will deliver a host of new features, updates, and enhancements.
Announcing the EAE/AB Suite Symposium
We are happy to announce that the inaugural EAE/AB Suite Symposium will be held September 10-12, 2013, in Chicago, IL. Scheduled to coincide with the all-new Universe conference (hosted by Unisys and UNITE), the EAE/AB Suite Symposium provides an agenda dedicated exclusively to EAE and Agile Business Suite topics. Additionally, attending the symposium will give you access to several Universe sessions, including keynote speeches from Unisys Chairman and CEO Ed Coleman and Apple® co-founder Steve Wozniak.
Top 10 Reasons to Use ClearPath ePortal
In June 2012, Unisys released changes that made the use of ClearPath ePortal even easier – and more powerful – when it comes to EAE and Agile Business Suite. And, it’s sparked interest in many EAE and AB Suite shops…there are quite a few ClearPath ePortal proofs of concept (PoCs) happening around the world.
How can UGSI Help You?
The March 2013 issue of Developing Agility briefly covered the EAE and Agile Business Suite competency at Unisys Global Services India (UGSI). For this article, I’d like to take a deep dive into our capabilities and the benefits we can offer.
Regression Testing Made Easy with the BATMan Service
While it’s certainly good practice for any organization currently upgrading or migrating software, regression testing has a reputation as a burdensome, time-consuming process – especially if you want to be as thorough as possible.
Engineering Corner: Reusing Frames in AB Suite
In EAE parlance, a “frame” is a standard piece of page layout that corresponds to a logical section of output on a report. Essentially, frames serve as the building blocks of a report – stacking end on end to create the completed output.
CSC Analyst Spotlight: Pascal Ragot
This article is part of a series showcasing the Unisys Customer Support Center (CSC) Analysts who support EAE and Agile Business Suite. Interested in seeing a support analyst featured? Send us your nomination:
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Issue 30 | March 2013
Q&A with United Fire Group: Pioneer EAE and AB Suite User
Founded more than 60 years ago in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United Fire Group (UFG) has grown into a publicly traded, multi-billion-dollar property, casualty, and life insurance carrier. The company offers products for both personal and commercial insurance needs. UFG is licensed as a property and casualty insurer in 43 states, plus the District of Columbia, and is represented by approximately 1,300 independent agencies. As a life insurer, UFG sells in 36 states – represented by more than 900 independent life agencies.
Compensar Migrates Health Services Application to AB Suite
One of the largest, most comprehensive family compensation funds in the country of Colombia, Compensar has earned this position by relying on its 5,000 employees to provide attentive service to the country's citizens. A primary contributor to this goal is the organization's health services division.
Engineering Corner: Automated Testing Made Even Easier with AB Suite 3.0
First introduced with Agile Business Suite release 2.0, Automated Test Tool (ATT) is designed to help developers and test teams bring more rigor and consistency to unit and regression testing activities.
CSC Analyst Spotlight: Roberta Vasques
This article is part of a series showcasing the Unisys Customer Support Center (CSC) Analysts who support EAE and Agile Business Suite. Interested in seeing a support analyst featured? Send us your nomination.
About Unisys Global Services India
Unisys Global Services India (UGSI) is a global delivery center that was established by Unisys in the middle of 2004. Today, the center includes over 3,800 staff members – all of whom are dedicated to helping you adjust to rapid change and address demographic challenges or skill shortages. In all aspects of our operations, UGSI makes scalability, agility, and quality a priority – enabling you to leverage the capabilities you need to effectively address your short- and long-term goals.
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Issue 29 | November 2012
Contemporary, Powerful, Strategic: AB Suite 3.0
We are very pleased to announce the release of Agile Business Suite (AB Suite) 3.0. Incorporating a host of industry-standard tools and features, this latest version builds on a long-standing heritage of providing organizations with a reliable, mission-critical application-development environment.
Engineering Corner: Introducing Agile Business Suite 3.0
The November 2012 release of Agile Business Suite 3.0 delivers a wide array of new capabilities, including productivity enhancements for developers, stronger runtime security, performance and scaling improvements, and – via optional integration with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Team Foundation Server (TFS) – the ability to use popular tools and processes to manage the application-development lifecycle.
Highlights of the AB Suite 3.0 Field Test
Field testing activities for Agile Business Suite 3.0 wrapped up in June of 2012. For testers, engineers, and support personnel alike, this provided a great opportunity to run the new release under real-world conditions and learn first-hand how the newest features and functionality performed in the hands of actual users.
CSC Spotlight: Bernard Eilers
This article is the latest in a series showcasing the Unisys Customer Support Center (CSC) Analysts who support EAE and Agile Business Suite. Interested in seeing a support analyst featured? Send your nomination to
EAE and AB Suite Videos on YouTube
Good news: We’ve recently added videos to YouTube that will be of particular interest to EAE and Agile Business Suite users.
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A lot has been happening in the EAE and AB Suite worlds lately, so we’ve gathered together the latest news, updates, events, and more in one convenient location. 
Issue 28 | July 2012
How Do You Improve Developer Productivity?
“Do more with less.” It’s on everyone’s to-do list – especially when it comes to IT. Naturally, this means being more productive. But how do you measure productivity or know if it’s improved? This is a question software development teams have struggled with for many years, and one that’s more relevant today than ever before.
New ePortal Integration Brings Mobility to EAE and AB Suite
Already a standard feature of all new ClearPath systems, the ClearPath ePortal specialty engine is a great tool for web- and mobile-enabling ClearPath applications of all kinds.
CSC Spotlight: Grant Paine
This article is the latest in a series showcasing the Unisys Customer Support Center (CSC) Analysts who support EAE and Agile Business Suite. Interested in seeing a support analyst featured? Send us your nomination:
Engineering Corner: Debugger Tips and Tricks
There’s a lot of great functionality packed into the Debugger module within Agile Business Suite Developer – some of which you may not even know. So to help you maximize the value of Debugger, we’ve compiled this list of helpful tips and tricks.
AB Suite Migrations are Hot in France
There’s a hot new trend taking France by storm, and this time it has nothing to do with cutting-edge fashions or art-house cinema. It’s Agile Business Suite migrations, and they’re all the rage among French Unisys customers.
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A lot has been happening in the EAE and AB Suite worlds lately, so we’ve gathered together the latest news, updates, events, and more in one convenient location. 
Issue 27 | March 2012
EAE/AB Suite Engineering – A Truly Global Effort
If there’s one thing you can say about the engineers behind Enterprise Application Environment (EAE) and Agile Business Suite (AB Suite), it’s that they certainly epitomize the word “global.”
Urbis Application Migrates to AB Suite
A fully integrated international banking system, Unisys Urbis is designed to support the global scope of a financial institution’s activities, including treasury, customer accounts, lending, and derivatives and securities. A sizeable mission-critical application, Urbis consists of over 3,000 objects, provides extensive risk monitoring and reporting capabilities, and contains its own fully integrated general ledger functionality. Today, 10 international banks rely on Urbis, including several of the world’s 20 largest financial institutions.
Going Social with Your EAE and AB Suite Apps
While texting and tweeting may once have been the realm of teenagers and movie stars, today they are embraced by business, government, and non-profits as simply the latest ways to interact with customers and constituents. And, your EAE and Agile Business Suite applications are now ready to help you capitalize on social media through Unisys Business Integrator.
CSC Spotlight: Mike Hagerty
This article is the first in a series to showcase the Unisys analysts who support EAE and Agile Business Suite.
QR Codes Enable Cutting-Edge Output Capabilities
You’ve seen them on food packaging, concert tickets, promotional flyers, product labels, and seemingly everywhere else you turn today: Those little, square barcodes that you scan with a smartphone app to receive important news and offers. They’re called Quick Response Codes, or QR codes, and they’re a fresh, modern means of delivering important information to your customers, prospects, and partners.
Info Center
A lot has been happening in the EAE and AB Suite worlds lately, so we’ve gathered together the latest news, updates, events, and more in one convenient location. 
Issue 26 | December 2011
Why AB Suite for New Applications?
Although migration from Enterprise Application Environment (EAE) to Agile Business Suite (AB Suite) is the dominant subject of our communications to you as an EAE user, I want to focus this article on the reasons why AB Suite is the ideal development environment for the next generation of ClearPath MCP and Microsoft® Windows® applications.
Agile Business Suite 3.0 Preview
There’s a new version of Agile Business Suite in the works – AB Suite 3.0 – and it’s coming in the fourth quarter of 2012. And because it will be based on Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, the changes required to support this new release will be significant, so we plan to deliver it as a feature release.
Windows Migration Snapshot
With the announcement of end of Phase 1 support for EAE release 3.3 on the Microsoft Windows operating environment, there’s been a great deal of focus on migrating EAE on Windows customers to Agile Business Suite.
Engineering Corner: JSP Client Generator Now Available in Client Tools
When it comes to the user interfaces (UIs) you design using EAE and Agile Business Suite, one size does not always fit all. That’s why Client Tools in EAE and AB Suite offers automatic client generators for applications created using the Java based Presentation Client, Visual Basic .NET, ASP .NET WebForms, and ASP .NET WinForms.
Integration Stories: EAE, AB Suite, and ClearPath Servers
Incorporating other applications, data resources, and access methods into an EAE or Agile Business Suite application is easier than you think. We recently polled a group of Unisys technical consultants to find out what customers are doing in the area of integration – and we had a tremendous response.
Partner Spotlight: Baltic Technology Group (BTG)
For 20 years, Baltic Technology Group (BTG), a Unisys Preferred Services Provider, has been an important resource for organizations looking for help managing EAE and Agile Business Suite development projects, or planning and executing a successful EAE to AB Suite migration.
Info Center
A lot has been happening in the EAE and AB Suite worlds lately, so we’ve gathered together the latest news, updates, events, and more in one convenient location. 
Issue 25 | September 2011
The Strategic Value of EAE and AB Suite for MCP Users
Running EAE and AB Suite in the ClearPath MCP environment lengthens the life of your critical applications – and enables you to benefit from a common engineering team – leading to long-lasting business value.
The ClearPath Integrated Stack
ClearPath mainframes are often referred to as “integrated stacks” because all hardware and software components are designed, developed, tested, and integrated by Unisys. Read on to learn the benefits this approach brings to your organization.
Engineering Corner: The Benefits of Engineering Synergy
Our unified engineering approach results in hardware and software that leverages our best resources and expertise. Check out this article to learn how the EAE and DMS II engineering teams joined forces to help a customer address an important business challenge.
The AB Suite Developer Learning Process
As you make the move to AB Suite, it’s extremely important that your developers are familiar with the ins and outs of the new environment. With these four steps, they’ll be well on their way to making the most of AB Suite the moment your applications go into production.
Spotlight On: Harris School Solutions
A leading provider of information systems for K-12 school districts, Harris School Solutions recently migrated a core product to AB Suite. Read on for the details of the migration and what the move meant for users of the solution.
UNITE 2011 Conference Summary
UNITE 2011 had a lot to offer EAE and AB Suite users. Check out this article for the highlights of the conference.
Info Center and Calendar
A lot has been happening in the EAE and AB Suite worlds lately, so we’ve gathered together the latest news, updates, events, and more in one convenient location.
Issue 24 | June 2011
Agile Business Suite 2.0 IC1400: Enhancing Developer Productivity
With the release of Interim Correction (IC) 1400, we’ve updated the underlying functionality of Agile Business Suite 2.0 to streamline and simplify development efforts – and make it easier for EAE users to make the move to AB Suite.
Important Migration Reminder for EAE Customers Running Microsoft Windows, Linux, or UNIX
Phase 1 support for EAE on Microsoft® Windows®, UNIX®, and Linux® platforms is set to expire on December 31, 2011. With a short six months left until we hit this date, it’s important to get your migration plans underway today.
Engineering Corner: State and Stateless Transactions
“Stateful” and “stateless” transactions have different uses and benefits in the EAE and AB Suite worlds – but blending them together can help you modernize your applications in a variety of ways. Read on to learn how to do just that.
Partner Corner: Information Exchange Group
Well versed in all things EAE and AB Suite, Information Exchange Group provides a host of helpful services for these development tools. Check out this article to learn about what they can offer you.
Issue 23 | March 2011
How to Increase the Value of Your Organization’s EAE Applications
It’s become increasingly important for developers to evolve their applications in a way that makes a positive, noticeable contribution to the business. This interview with Phil Wimpenny outlines what’s needed to do just that.
Migration Experience: Thomasville Utilities
The city of Thomasville, Georgia, recently completed the migration of a mission-critical utilities application to Agile Business Suite. Learn more in this article.
Partner Spotlight: Client Tools Consultancy (CTC)
Ensuring a high-quality user experience is a key goal of any development project. CTC’s EAE and AB Suite specific solutions help your projects maximize the end-user experience.
Good News
Great things are happening in the world of EAE and AB Suite – take a look!
Engineering Corner: Developer Tips and Hints for Visual Studio
EAE and AB Suite developers, this one's for you! Get an insider's perspective on how to make the most of Microsoft® Visual Studio® and AB Suite.
Info Center and Calendar
Check out the debut of our Info Center – a regular feature highlighting helpful resources that you can put to immediate use.
Issue 22 | November 2010
The Five Consumer Technologies Influencing Enterprise IT
A discussion about the influence the consumerization of IT has on enterprise technology decisions.
Client Tools Help Isle of Man Government Bring EAE Screens to Life
How Client Tools are being used to make an EAE-based tax administration system available to its citizens via the Web.
Starting Your Agile Business Suite Migration on the Right Foot
Diane McGonigle discusses a valuable tool that can help you kick start your migration to Agile Business Suite.
Engineering Corner: Using Business Integrator to Call Out of Your Application
Learn how your EAE and Agile Business Suite applications can “call out” to external services.
Issue 21 | September 2010
Modernization Services Align Apps with Business Goals
Find out more about how Unisys Application Modernization Services can help you get more value from existing ClearPath applications.
Notable Modernization Projects — Get Inspired!
Real-world examples of how EAE and Agile Business Suite apps have been enhanced to offer new and expanded services.
Engineering Corner: Mobile Enabling EAE and Agile Business Suite Apps
Step-by-step guidance for putting EAE and Agile Business Suite screens on mobile devices.
Diane McGonigle Named Agile Business Suite Migration Manager
In her new role, Diane will help EAE customers make a smooth transition to Agile Business Suite.
A Fresh Perspective
Maarten Schneider offers his thoughts on using EAE and Agile Business Suite to address future development needs.
UNITE 2010 Recap
A wrap up of this year's technology conference.
Issue 20 | May 2010
Q&A with Europaeiske
Flemming Voigt, IT Manager for this Danish insurer, talks about his organization’s move to Agile Business Suite.
UFSS: An EAE Application Modernization Case Study
A Process-driven User Interface adds new capabilities while leveraging tried-and-true application services.
Important Changes Coming to Client Tools
Unisys is moving to a single, common set of Client Tools for EAE and Agile Business Suite.
Engineering Corner: Client Tools Next Steps
Practical advice on assessing the impact of and actions needed to prepare for the common set of Client Tools.
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Issue 19 | December 2009
An Important Announcement for EAE Customers
Get the details about Unisys plans for EAE 3.3 support.
How Do You Measure Value?
There’s cost and then there’s long-term business value. It’s important to look at both when making an IT purchase decision. This article spells out the factors to consider when moving to Agile Business Suite.
Q&A with Bob Supnik
As Vice President of Engineering and Supply Chain for Unisys TCIS, Bob has executive responsibility for the EAE and Agile Business Suite programs. Meet Bob and get his perspective on the future of these programs in this interview.
Engineering Corner: Smarter Debugging
Paul Bourke, Debugger Technical Lead, shares tips and best practices that make using the Microsoft® Visual Studio® Debugger with Agile Business Suite easier and more effective.
Mobile Device Integration with Agile Business Suite
Learn more about how Agile Business Suite developers can design forms for mobile devices.
Issue 18 | September 2009
Customer Q&A with Dutch Insurer Movir
System Engineer, Ron Thakoer, talks about his organization’s move to Agile Business Suite.
Engineering Corner: Taking Migrated Applications to a New Level by Modeling for Reuse
Grant McCauley reveals four ways to boost reusability in existing systems once the move to Agile Business Suite is complete.
Silverlight Introduces New User Interface Option
Get a quick overview of how this new technology can be used in an EAE or Agile Business Suite application.
In Memoriam
We mark the passing of two well-known EAE experts.
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Issue 17 | June 2009
Hidden Gems
Alan Hood and friends reveal little known features of EAE and Agile Business Suite that every developer should know.
Engineering Corner: More than a Pretty Picture
Our Q&A with Ankur Kotwal from ACUS highlights the power of UML diagrams in building your Agile Business Suite applications.
Telco Migration Case Study
Unisys Messaging Solution has been migrated to Agile Business Suite and is in production at several major Telcos. Get more details in our new expanded case study.
Join Us in Minneapolis this November
Read about special registration incentive programs being offered for the 2009 UNITE Technology Conference.
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Issue 16 | April 2009
Migration to Agile Business Suite: What’s in it for YOU?
Agile Business Suite delivers value across all areas of your organization – find out how.
New Services Maximize Business Value
Agile Business Suite Transition Services are now available.
Engineering Corner: Agile Business Suite Migration Database, the Rosetta Stone
Get briefed on how the migration database helps you migrate at your own pace.
Choosing the Right MDD-Enabling Technology
Five essential capabilities to look for in a model-driven development (MDD) toolset.
DETRAN-RO Migrates to Agile Business Suite
A modernized development environment woos the next generation of developers.
Welcome to the Club
Four more organizations are up and running with Agile Business Suite.
Our Top 5
A list of the top five resources to get you up to speed on Agile Business Suite.